I Am Altogether Different Than What You Have Presumed

Neil Vermillion —  March 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even as you feel weary, tired, and confused, I will surprise and invigorate you with my spirit and with my possibilities. I will give you new hope and fresh perspective to existing dilemmas. I will encourage you and empower you to hope and to dream, to imagine and implement, to innovate and experiment, and will do so in a manner that is inspiring and exciting for you. For I am the master and originator of new beginnings. I am the source of new potential, and possibility. So do not look to your present situation as permanent or impossible, for with me there is not only hope, but a plethora of ideas, potential, and options before you, even this very minute.

For I am not limited in any way. There are no boundaries that can hold me back. There are no definitions that can confine my reach or who I am. There are no norms, or conventions that restrain or limit me in any way. And while this may be difficult for you to fathom initially, as you continue to walk with me over the course of time you will come to find it is altogether lovely and wonderful. For as you know me as I truly am you will no longer project your ideas and notions on to me, including your ideas and notions of what I can or will do, and who I am or who I am not.

As you come to know me you will encounter me differently than you previously imagined. You will experience what I have for you, and I will surprise you along the way. For though you know me now, you know me in part, and there is still so much more for you to learn, experience, and discover. I will reveal myself to you continually, and as you walk with me you will continue to be surprised and delighted. For I have many things in store to show to you, and I have many surprises in store to show you as well.

So do not continue to limit me, to confine me, to settle for convenient explanations and definitions. For as you know me as I truly am you will find I am altogether different than what you originally and previously presumed me to be.

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