Amazement In Our Union

Neil Vermillion —  December 14, 2015 —  Comments

And it is for my good pleasure I have seen fit to bring you close to me. And in our union you will come to know all the glorious riches you have inherited. For your mind sees things backwards. You see things upside down. You see problems, where the victory has already been accomplished. You see obstacles, where the solution has already been presented. You see heartache, when you have already been given direct access to the most glorious source of joy and happiness that has ever existed.

So in our union and fellowship together you will come to see yourself as I see you. You will see the world, your circumstances, and your problems as I see them. And you will no longer look at things backwards as you do now. You will see and understand. You will hear and perceive. You will receive and comprehend, and your heart will continually grow and expand in the wonders of my goodness and mercy. For there are so many universes of mysteries yet before you.

But do not concern yourself with these things for now, but rather enjoy where you are in this moment, understanding my love for you, and knowing my plans and purpose for you are so much greater than you know.

For my plans and my mysteries are hidden. And the riches of what is yet to be revealed is so much more than you have any idea. But in all these things, rest and be secure and confident in knowing, realizing, and experiencing my love for you. For your mind will race, search, seek, and hunt but your heart will remain in the center of my bosom, for I will keep you close to me and will surround you with my never-ending passion and security.

You will forget your habits from your former way of living and will walk in the reality of all I’ve given you. You will forget your mistakes, just as I have, for I remember them no more. You will be bold and confident because you will realize who you are, and who I am. And you will see our union together and you will marvel in amazement and splendor of what this means.

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