An Acceleration In Your Pace

Neil Vermillion —  December 3, 2019 —  Comments

I am choosing to build upon previous, small victories you have experienced. I am taking the small steps you have taken and multiplying them. I am expanding the small things that have already transpired, making their significance and impact larger, more pronounced, more profound. I am taking what you have already done, even the things you have forgotten or dismissed, and watering them, for I will take you further than you thought you could go. (1)

This is how it all starts. It starts small, like a mustard seed, but it grows and becomes a tree. So do not despise your days of small beginnings, for surely this is how everything starts. I am going to take you to new pastures, grounds, and territories, and as I do I will reveal many new things to you. As you have shown yourself faithful with the little things of the past, I am going to expand, reward, and increase you accordingly. I am going to take what you have been given, and I will give you even more. (2)

Though your progression took quite a bit of time in the past, in these days I am going to do a quick work. I will accelerate the process, and expedite its development and delivery. I will grant these things to you quickly and it is going to be challenging for you to keep up at times. But know I will be with you, and will help you along the way. I will enable you to keep pace, even though it will be challenging at times. (3)

Know these challenges are from me. This pace is from me. Know these are the things I am doing in this hour and season, so make yourself ready, and keep yourself alert. Keep your heart and mind responsive and flexible, not rigid, closed, or fixed. In your fluidity you will have sufficient foreknowledge so you will not be caught unprepared. You will not be surprised when you open your eyes, ears, and heart. (4)

I will speak it to you, and tell you what is yet to come. I will show it to you and reveal its meaning and significance. I will make it accessible so you will know it, but also perceive how to respond to it. Remain flexible and make yourself ready in this present season, because this pace will be quite challenging, but also rewarding, for you. (5)

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