Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing

Neil Vermillion —  August 20, 2015 —  Comments

I have worked with you again and again to increase and enhance your flexibility. For your mind is limited, and your mind is rigid. Your heart is rigid, and so weak and limited. And I have worked with you again and again, to soften you, to open you up, to allow my spirit to guide you and shape you, and mold you into the image of my son, and to help make you sensitive to my voice. And I am working with you even today, to continue to prepare you for what is yet to come.

So understand, much of what you have experienced was in preparation, not for the skills you thought lacked, but for the character you needed, and the habit of obedience you needed, and the sensitivity to my voice you so desperately needed.

And I’ve worked with you time and time again, and I will continue to work with you. I will not give up on you. I will not abandon you, or discard you no matter how terribly you fail. For my plans for you are great. The redemption I will work through you is great. My mercy and patience I will shower upon you is great, and will never run out. So remember these things, and remember my nature and my plans for you, when you see yourself failing, see yourself as weak, see yourself as disqualified.

In the past I’ve worked with you again and again, and even today I am standing at the door of your heart knocking even still still. Knocking patiently asking you to let me in. For if you open the door, I will enter, and we will abide together in unity and harmony. We will sit together in a place of intimate friendship. For it is in our intimate friendship you will be able to move forward in obedience, because the things I will show you will require more than you possess alone. It will require more courage than you possess. It will require more strength, more wisdom, more insight, more selflessness than you possess. It will only be in close relationship with me, in knowing my voice, in knowing my heart, will you be able to truly follow and execute the plans I have in store for you.

For my plans are too great for you to accomplish on your own. They are too marvelous, too complicated, too grand, too big for any one person to comprehend, orchestrate, or organize. For on your own you will doubt and you will fear. You will quit, and you will give up. But together with me you will overcome.

Together with me you will not give up, for I will sustain you and strengthen. And together with me you will not quit, for I will grant you peace, courage, hope, and vision. And together with me you will not fear, for my love will surround you and you will see the beauty and glory of my plans accomplished. And together with me you will not doubt, for you will know you have heard from me, and in me you will know you have already been given victory.

But apart from me you can do nothing.

So draw yourself close to me, and allow me to have my way in your life. Allow my love to enter and abide in you, and with you. For my spirit and my presence will change and transform you. Your very nature will change and you will grow in love, courage, boldness, confidence, power, and generosity.

For my generous spirit will begin to manifest in you, and through you. So allow yourself the glory of abandoning your former way of living and embrace your destiny in me, enjoying the new life I’ve already given you, free from guilt, shame, and condemnation, walking in the holiness I’ve already bestowed upon you as my children.

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