Ask For My Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  June 1, 2020 —  Comments

There is so much still yet ahead of you. There are so many things yet to be revealed, yet you feel as though you possess full knowledge of everything. Let me assure you, you do not. You have not even been introduced to the things laid up for you in ages to come. There are mysteries within mysteries you have not even encountered, let alone comprehended. So as you see things before you, the trouble and turmoil of this world, and you begin to feel overwhelmed, worried, frightened, or discouraged, trust and know you do not see everything fully. You do not know all that is happening, all that is currently taking place, and certainly not everything that is yet to come. (1)

But trust in me.

Trust in my leadership. Trust in my heart to preserve you. Trust in my plans to prosper, preserve, and polish you. Trust I see the end, I know where you are, and I know where you are going. Trust I have always had everything worked out since before you were even born. Trust in the richness of my mercy, the immeasurable greatness of my reach, and the beauty and wisdom of my timing, that there is so much wonder, amazement, joy and glory in store for you. Trust there is so much wonder and delight for you and that you simply do not have the perspective to assess and judge it fully or rightly. (2)

You see the world and your life as small. You see it temporally. You see it one-dimensionally as if there is only one goal, one objective, one method, one appointment scheduled. You see it as if there is but one task at hand, and nothing more, and presume I am not able or willing to multitask. So trust, and do not fret. Trust and rest that I know, that I am leading, and that you are loved and already provided for, and taken care of, in spite of what you may see around about you in this present and temporary circumstance. There is so much yet to be revealed. (3)

If you were to see things from my perspective you would not know how to doubt. You would not know how to fear. You would not know how to be confused, and you would forget completely how to be discouraged. So ask for my perspective. Ask for my heart, ask for my understanding, ask for my confidence, for I have already made all these things, and even more, readily available to you.

It is in the asking you will divert and focus your attention. It is in the asking you will begin to open your heart to hear and receive. It is in the asking you will defect from your previous way of thinking and living as you begin to adopt your real, eternal nature, touching what is unseen. (4)

Ask and you will receive. As you continue to ask you will continue to receive again and again, without limit, measure, or delay. Ask deeply. Drink deeply. Knock faithfully, for if you knock, the door will surely be opened to you. (5)

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