The Authentic Experience Of My True Nature Birthed Through Encountering Mysteries

Neil Vermillion —  February 16, 2018 — Leave a comment

I know you want more. There is a good and righteous desire within you to not only possess more, but to also be more, and do more. There is a righteous compulsion to take perceived limits and press against them in order to advance, to innovate, and to make meaningful impact. I know this burns within you at times, but you do not always understand it. I know this desire and compulsion sometimes burns within you and you do not know how to manage it, or how to respond to it. I know it burns, and it is an uncomfortable and inconvenient burden. But let me assure you this is the move of my spirit within you, calling you into the deeper things in store for you. (1)

I am calling you, compelling you, inspiring you, even offending you at times, in order to bring you past the limits of yesterday to engage with me in the wild and uninhibited environment set before you. There is safety and stability in the realms of what is known and predictable. But I am calling you to leave your father’s land, the land you have grown within, and have come to know, and to move into the land and territory that is unknown. (2)

I am calling you to abandon your security measures, and embrace the reckless living of stepping forward without knowing exactly how it will all turn out – for today, or for tomorrow. I am compelling you to discard the crutches of the culture, the conventional wisdom you have been shaped by, and the natural logic that governs and guides your decisions, in order to run without reservation, without apprehension, into the great and glorious unknown. (3)

In the realms of the unknown you will more fully realize your dependency on me. The realms of the unknown are secret and mysterious to you, because they have not been explored, have not been mapped, have not been defined. Though these realms are unknown to you, they are not unknown to me. I know them very well. It is your dependency upon me that will not only enable, but will be essential for you to survive in this environment. It is because of my heart, plans, wisdom, power, and great spirit within you, that you will be able to survive and thrive in these realms that are totally and completely unknown and foreign to you. (4)

In these realms you will find the full satisfaction for the wild and crazy adventure you heart of hearts has been seeking. You will find the full satisfaction you have been thirsty for. You will find the reward that brings lasting and meaningful satisfaction without substitute.

You will be forced to contend with untruth you retrain within you, as you begin to encounter me in greater glory than you thought possible. You think you will encounter mysteries in the realms of the unknown, but you will encounter me. You will not encounter mysteries, so much as you will encounter new and different dimensions of who I am, the things you would prefer not to know, the things you would prefer not to see or experience.

These are the things that will offend your narrow-minded point of view. These are the aspects that will contradict, even destroy altogether, the silly, trivial, and thoroughly inadequate definitions you have concocted, and conveniently constructed about who I really am, and what my nature really is.

Know in these realms you will surely be offended and uncomfortable, but also know this will pass. The offence and irritation will not last, but the truth you encounter will. The discomfort you experience will be real, but it too will pass and will not remain. The truth given you will perplex you and shake you, but it will liberate you and refine you, as it shaves away all the myth and rubbish you have been carrying and befriending all these years.

Through this process you will emerge, not more arrogant, but more humble. In this process you will emerge not more fearful, but more confident. In this process you will emerge, not with a better handle on reality, or a better understanding how to make your way in this world, but with a better knowledge and experience more closely to the truth of who I really am, the real and authentic nature of my great and terrible glory, might, and holy power. You will emerge with a stark, but reverent, awe of my nature and my majesty. You will be changed and humbled, but will also come through it like pure gold! (5)

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(2) Genesis 12:1, Acts 7:3
(3) 2 Corinthians 4:18, Hebrews 11:1
(4) Hebrews 11:6 (5) 1 Peter 1:7

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