Be Present In This Moment

Neil Vermillion —  April 19, 2016 —  Comments

Even as you see yourself failing in your own eyes, let me encourage you to be kind with yourself. As you see your neighbor failing, let me encourage you to be slow to condemn him. As you see the world and events around you continue to decline, let me encourage you to be slow to criticize and presume there is no hope. For in all these things I am still at work. In all the failures and catastrophes I am working and I am redeeming and I am teaching and I am creating.

So as you see your neighbor in error, do not be harsh with him, but love them and embrace them and accept them. Extend your loving kindness to them in the same measure I have extended my loving kindness to you. And as you do you will open doors of influence, doors of impact, doors of humility. You will bring healing and hope those who need it desperately, and do so in the moment they need it most.

It is through these doors I will speak, and move, and influence, and affect change. But let me assure you it will look very different than the outcome you have conceived in your natural mind already. Let me assure you, my ways are not your ways, and my plans are not your plans. So do not be surprised as you see things unfold differently than you thought they would, even though you have been obedient to my will and to my spirit.

For there are many layers of many things that are being simultaneously accomplished. There are many objectives, many angles, many itineraries being considered. And it is all part of the masterpiece of my work that is being accomplished as I orchestrate all these things together. For you will look and marvel. You will see and be amazed. You will not be able to behold the glory of all that will be displayed before you as I continue to reveal and show and demonstrate all I have for you, My Dearly Beloved.

For your eyes have not seen, and your ears have not heard, of the glorious, wondrous, amazing things I have in store for you. I have so many wonderful surprises that are yet to be revealed. So do not concern yourself with the future, and how things will turn out. Do not be worried. Do not concern yourself with the outcome, but be present in this moment. Be mindful of tomorrow, but be present in this moment knowing I am working all things together for your good according to my plan.

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