The Beauty And Details Of This Moment

Neil Vermillion —  July 18, 2016 —  Comments

I see the questions before your mind this day. I hear the questions you ask within your heart. I know and perceive the questions you hold before your eyes, the distractions that introduce doubt and double-minded tendencies. And for this reason I am addressing your position today, to awaken an understanding that is greater than your questions. I am speaking plainly to you, reminding you of the channel of communication already open.

With this channel you can approach me, and inquire of me, and talk with me, and fellowship with me. In this channel we will grow together day by day as we sit together in the cool of the evening, reminiscing on the lessons learned in years past, as well as daydreaming of plans yet to be achieved. In our fellowship we will grow and enjoy the delights of all we have together, and embrace the wonder and beauty of what lies in store.

Though you have questions do not allow them to contaminate your heart. Though you do not possess all the answers you desire in this present moment, do not let go of the greater hope and perspective of what is yet to be revealed to you. Though you work hard, doing the best you can in your present circumstances, do not become so busy you miss the details and beauty of the moment, enjoying your present status in where you are this very moment, this very day.

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