The Beauty Of What Has Been Set Into Motion

Neil Vermillion —  February 12, 2018 — Leave a comment

I know the timing of days can be very confusing for you. I know in many years it has seemed as though you have made no progress, no advancement whatsoever. I know for many years it has seemed as though you have gone backwards, losing ground, wasting precious time, losing all the principal and capital in crucial investments. But rest in me, and trust in me. Trust in my will for your life, for my plans are to see you grow, thrive, and prosper in all things. My will is to plant you beside the depth of my still waters and to see you flourish according to all I have for you.

Know because what I have for you is great, it will take a good amount of time. Because what I have for you is great, it is also complicated and involved in all of the layers of consideration and complexity. What I have for you will not unravel before your eyes in a day or week. It will take much more time than that for it to unfold, and for you to understand it. So do not lose heart in your journey. Do not become discouraged because it seems so slow in its development.

Know I am working all things for your ultimate good. Do not look to your horizon and presume it will be the same as yesterday. I have wonderful and glorious plans for you. Know I am in control, even though you do not see it, even though it seems there are discrepancies, inconsistencies, and contradictions. Know I am working on your behalf, even though it doesn’t look this way, or feel this way at times. Know I love you, and will never leave you, but also know I have started these good works to manifest within you and through you. I will surely remain faithful to see them come to their completion, for I have started a good thing within you, and will not abandon it, nor will I abandon you.

So rest, trust, and hope in today, but also in your future, knowing tomorrow will not equal today, nor yesterday. Clothe yourself with my perspective and make yourself strong. Listen to my voice. Put on strength and do all you can to stand. Over the course of time, as you continue to lean on me, listen to me, and rely on me, you will see the beauty of all that has been set into motion and all I have in store for you, and you will by no means be disappointed.

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