The Beauty And Warmth Of My Loving Presence

Neil Vermillion —  April 29, 2016 —  Comments

I know you have so many questions. I know you are limited in your capacity. I know you quickly grow tired, quickly become discouraged, quickly forget why you have endeavored in the first place. I know you are but weak, but even still you are My Beloved, the center and source of my affections.

So allow yourself to embrace, even celebrate, my great love for you even in the midst of all these defects and limitations. For my love for you is greater than all these things, and my love for you will protect you, keep you, sustain you, and educate you.

And in my love the questions and doubts in your heart will be exposed and you will find the peace you are searching for. The strength you need in order to persevere will, once again, come to visit you. The hope and perspective you seek, the “why” behind the “what” you are doing, will once again come to your recollection and you will sing and dance and remember the goodness of my ways and of my love for you.

For I will meet you where you are. I will come to your door, and will present myself before you. We will fellowship together in the closeness of our friendship, and you will enjoy the fulfillment and satisfaction of our company together.

In our union you will realize the great depths of compassion I have for you. And this compassion will impact you significantly. It will not only touch you, but it will transform you too. Your heart will be touched and you will be changed in no small way. You will not remain the same, for my great compassion will shape you, and mold you.

So allow me to guide your thoughts. Allow me to influence your heart. In doing so, I will guide you to the path of abundance, joy, and bliss – all the things you desire and seek. For these are my plans for you, My Dearest. These are the things I have in store for you, so do not let yourself be troubled. Do not let yourself be worried, but trust in me, and know my plans for you will bring you to all your heart’s desires.

Though the path will look different than you originally expected, understand my plans for you have never changed, for I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. My love for you does not waver, nor do my plans for you waver. So when you cannot understand, when you cannot see, when you have no answers, continue to trust in me. For as you do we will grow closer and closer to each other – closer than you thought possible.

I have not hidden myself from you, but have revealed my heart, my essence, and my spirit to you openly and plainly. You will sit with me, and we will dine and fellowship together in the beauty and warmth of my loving presence.

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