The Beginning Of Reaping Your Harvest

Neil Vermillion —  May 17, 2016 —  Comments

Today I am inviting you to discard all the excess baggage in your life. Do not be tempted to hold onto things from the past, but discard them and allow them to be removed and forgotten. In this time of moving forward rapidly discard all that is not essential. For in your advancement and moving forward you will not want excess baggage.

For today I am moving and restoring, and doing so quickly. Do not hold onto things, memories, people, jobs, locations or mindsets from your past that are no longer necessary. Look to what I am doing today. Look to your future, not your past realizing I am working, developing, and activating all these things rapidly.

So with this in mind expect things to advance quickly. Expect your seeds to bear fruit quickly. Expect your labor of years past to produce its benefits today very quickly, very richly.

For though it will seem sudden, this has been in the making for quite some time for you. So do not compare the speed, rate, and pace of days prior with the days of today. For the pace and activity of today will be used to collect your harvest sown yesterday. In collecting your harvest you will be supplied richly for today as well as tomorrow. For surely the good fruit in your harvest will not only feed you today, but will also supply seed for tomorrow as well, and surely you will grow, expand, increase, and prosper.

So move forward with joy, anticipation, and expectation in your heart, knowing I have made these things, and I have scheduled their completion, execution, implementation as well. For the desires in your heart have been growing, brewing, maturing and have come to meet the day in which they will begin to be realized.

What has taken decades to prepare will be soon meeting the day of its delivery, development, and implementation. So allow yourself to look forward, forgetting failures, hurts, and limiting mindsets of your past and embrace all I am doing in this hour and in this season. For I am bringing you out of your wilderness season and guiding you to the beginning of reaping your harvest.

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