Believe Me Like A Child

Neil Vermillion —  April 19, 2017 —  Comments

Believe me when I say I will meet you right where you are. Believe me when I say I am fully aware of your current situation for you are in the center of my attention. Believe me when I say I love you, and that I have the best outcome in mind for you. Believe me when it looks foolish. Believe me when it looks dark and confusing. Believe me when you don’t want to believe me. Believe me because you have no reason not to.

As you have walked with me in the years that have passed you have acquired key experiences in your memory. And in doing so I have made deposits of significance. So take time to recall these deposits, for you will remember them well. And as you recollect these memories of these deposits open your ears to what I have already said to you, to what I have already shown you, to what I have revealed and given to you. For you will recall and you will remember, and in this, you will have no reason for any disbelief or doubt in your present, nor in your future.

Take this time to recall and remember, and remind yourself of who you already know me to be. For in doing so you will not only shape your present perspective, but will also strengthen yourself for today, and also tomorrow.

So believe me now, and accept what I am saying to you. Accept what I am showing you, even though it may be difficult to grasp, to believe, or to comprehend. Accept what I say and what I have revealed, without criticism and without judgment, keeping a fair measure of skepticism active in order to provide an environment for me to prove myself, to prove my word, to prove my plans, and to prove my timing.

For I will show you my word, but I will also show you myself, and show you my hand. Accept what I have to say, what I have revealed, and allow me to perform and display your full accomplishment. For in doing so your burden will be light, having the absence of the burden of performance and the burden of total and complete comprehension. Believe me like a child, and allow me to call forth the things I have spoken. Allow me to give the full meaning behind each symbol, knowing you only know in part and you only see in part.

And in this you will be free and light, able to abide in joy without having to carry my burdens on my behalf.

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