Birthing A New Sense Of Destiny

Neil Vermillion —  October 26, 2018 —  Comments

I am calling you past your known realms of comfort. I am calling you past what is known and explainable. I am calling you to launch forward and seek the realms of what is unknown to you. I am birthing within you a new sense of destiny as I inspire you to expand your territory, increasing your knowledge and experience. It is my heart’s desire to reclaim all that has been stolen. It is my heart’s desire to take back all that has been broken and damaged and to repair, restore, and make it new again. In this day I am beginning to put new ideas, with new goals, and new motivation for new and different outcomes and expressions before your eyes. I will bring your vision to full color, to clear focus, and you will see it and know it is new. (1)

It is my desire you not only expand your territory, but also to expand your realm of personal influence. So as you see new opportunities for new relationships to be formed and strengthened, know this is my doing. In this endeavor to form new relationships and strengthen existing relationship, know it will also require new levels of service, and new levels of humility. It will require new activities in order to deepen what you have, and to acquire what you do not. (2)

But also know I will empower you to accomplish all I set before you. I will not leave you alone, to face your giants by yourself. I will not leave you alone to figure things out without having an answer. I will not leave you stranded, having no resource available to you to do my work. For surely these things are my plans for you, and I will not frustrate my plans. (3)

There is a greater harvest yet to be collected. There is a greater abundance still available for those who surrender and say yes to the call, and say yes to my spirit. I will cause you to prosper, and I will cause you to succeed as you continue to follow, trust, and obey me in all things, for these are my plans for you. (4)

(1) Jeremiah 33:3, Matthew 18:11
(2) Isaiah 54:2, Luke 22:26, Matthew 5:5
(3) Joshua 1:9, Proverbs 16:9
(4) 2 Corinthians 9:6, Matthew 9:37-38

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