I Am Blessings And Prospering You Even Though You Do Not Recognize It

Neil Vermillion —  January 18, 2018 — Leave a comment

Receive what I am saying to you without criticism, for I see your personal bias and your personal preference. I see how you do not really like aspects of the notions I am saying to you. But in spite of this, let me encourage you not to discard it. Do not discard what I am saying simply because you do not enjoy the sentiments of it, for there is very real substance I am giving to you, and revealing to you, in spite of your predisposition to discard and reject it. Instead, listen to my voice, but do so without resistance. For in resisting me you resist not only my plans in the moment, but also what is for your ultimate good. (1)

Know I have picked you, and have marked you for this season. Know I have moved you from one land to the next and done so in order to prepare you for these days just before you. Know I set you in motion long ago, even when you did not perceive it. Know in this day of transition and redirection I am capitalizing on these days, even though you see parts of them with disdain.

And with this, trust in me, for there is a much larger context you are not considering. There is so much more at stake, and already in motion, than what you are perceiving and considering in presently. So do not receive my words begrudgingly, but do so with joy and eager anticipation of what has been set before you. For as you embrace my will for your life, and accept the redirection of my spirit, you will find I will lead you to even better pastures, even better waters than you had previously imagined or planned for yourself. (2)

Acknowledge the joy set before you, because the adventure of the walk of faith is what your heart cries out for. The adventure of conquering and overcoming of what is before you is the very thing you want, though you do not always know it. Embrace what I am giving you, for it is not unpleasant medicine you will not enjoy, but rather it is the very thing that will delight you beyond measure. It is the very beginnings of the manifestation of your greatest joy, your greatest fulfillment, even though it does not appear to be in its present state or in its initial perception.

Trust in the years of your past, as you have walked with me closely and intimately. Trust in the history between us, for it was not given you for nothing. Trust in what you have learned and what you know about me already. Trust in what you have read, and in the testimony of those who also have walked with me. Trust in these things, but also trust in this moment, for I am blessing you and prospering you, even though you do not recognize it in its present state, this very moment.

(1) Proverbs 3:5-6 (2) 1 Corinthians 13:12

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