The Bliss And Delight Of Our Fellowship Together

Neil Vermillion —  April 4, 2016 —  Comments

Even in your misery and disappointment I am here with you, pulling you to the high roads, the roads you would never select for yourself. I have seen the results of your self-governance, and so I have intervened on your behalf. I am guiding you and putting your feet on solid ground, and pointing you in the direction you desire and need to travel. I have overwhelmed you with my goodness and my mercy. I have seen your hearts. I have seen your hurts. I have seen your need.

I have made myself available to you, and always will. My faithfulness to you is a valuable commodity, and over the course of your life you will come to see the great richness and generosity I have bestowed upon you again and again. You will experience my unwavering faithfulness again and again. You will experience my reliability again and again. You will experience me in subtle ways, and you will experience me in obvious ways, and again and again you will encounter my faithfulness to you. And in doing so, your heart will grow confident knowing I am always there for you, always reliable.

And as you look back over the course of your life, you will come to understand and value the fingerprints I have left upon your history. It will be plain for you to see, recognize, and appreciate my involvement and consistency. And though you will not always understand everything, especially in the moment it is happening, you will be able to look back and recognize my presence and my influence and my impact.

And so you will put away your insecurities and exchange them for stability. You will put away your unloving thoughts and exchange them for perfect love. You will put away your fears and exchange them for confidence and acceptance. For in me you will experience the security your heart cries out for, the acceptance your soul is thirsty for. For in knowing me all these things, and even more, are freely available to you. For I will continue to be faithful, but I will also continue to be generous with you too.

And you shall drink until you can drink no more. You will eat and be satisfied. And you will have all the fulfillment you have ever imagined, and it will be both delightful and surprising in your own sight. For though you know and believe, even still, you do so only partially. For there is so much more ready for you. There is so much more in store for you. There is greater quantity and certainly greater quality of bliss and delights as you continue to abide in our fellowship together.

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