Bringing You Past Your Greatest Blunders

Neil Vermillion —  January 29, 2016 —  Comments

There is newness for you. Even though you have visited this land before, and it seems the same as the last time you visited, there is newness for you. For I am presenting a new opportunity before you, a new chance at victory. So as you see yourself encountering things of your past, things you’ve wrestled with before, things you’ve failed at before, things that have beaten and defeated you before, know I am presenting them to you this time, not as punishment or humiliation, but as another chance – a new chance for victory and to overcome. This is your day to experience victory from things in your past – especially from areas of struggle and defeat.

For in this day I am taking you past your limits. I am moving you forward. I am advancing you to the next chapter in your book. I am writing new pages, introducing new characters, and revealing and enhancing new directions in your storyline. So as you revisit things of old, understand this is what I am doing in this season, but also understand why I am doing it. Understand I am causing some of these things to resurface in your life to give you another chance to overcome, another chance to succeed. And in this you will experience and know victory over these things.

So though you may have failed, though you may be embarrassed or ashamed, do not shrink back. Do not hesitate to fight again. Do not hesitate to try again, especially in the areas of your greatest fear, the areas of your greatest failure, the areas of your greatest blunders. For I am renewing these things, and bringing you past them today.

So open your heart and open your mind to new possibilities and new potential. For your past does not equal your future. The day and hour of advancement and victory is knocking at your very door. So as you hear this familiar sound, do not hesitate to open the door as you hear the knock. For as you do, you will experience the fullness of what I have in store for you in this season, as you move forward walking by faith, believing, trusting, and loving along the way.

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