Bringing You To The Edge

Neil Vermillion —  April 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

Understand what I am doing in this day. In the past you sought to know and understand what I am saying, but I say to you now, seek to know and understand what I am doing. You will reframe your perception as you look to my hands, and involve yourself with my activity. You will transform the dynamics within the equation of your experience, and will do so in a gentle, yet aggressive and deliberate manner. Walk in the direction of my activity, and do not distract yourself with the desire to perpetually understand, but rather, put yourself into the motion of my guidance, knowing you will be doing what you need to be doing, not only understanding what you need to understand. (1)

While this may seem irrelevant, confusing, or trivial know it will open doors of new encounter and new ways of behaving and thinking that will bear not only much fruit in your life, but significant and substantial fruit as well. Engaging with me in this manner will overturn idols and limiting mindsets that have caused unnecessary confusion in your life, as we expose lies, cowardice, selfishness, and immaturity that has presented itself as wisdom. (2)

You will confront aspects of who you are from a new angle. As a result you will perceive what you could not previously. As you engage with me you will begin to uncover and identify blind spots as I bring you through seasons of encounter, experience, and activity specifically designed to give way to greater experience, in addition to greater understanding. (3)

This process will be confusing to you at first. This will be uncomfortable as you begin to leave your known and familiar methods and presumptions and participate in what I have for you in the moment. I will introduce not only new ideas, but also new habits, practices, and systems too. But also know this process will swing wide the floodgate of engagement with my spirit that will overwhelm you with my goodness, as you overflow in joy and, liberation continues to manifest and increase in your daily life.

So engage with me in this wild adventure. It will seem to be a dangerous notion at first. Engage with me in the uncharted territory though it will seem risky, impractical, and frivolous for sure. Do not be alarmed, but know I am guiding you through these troubled and confusing waters. Know you are not entertaining folly or vain imaginations, though it will appear so at first glance. Know I am guiding you, and you are following me. Know I am bringing you not only to these activities, but through them too. (4)

I am not bringing you to the edge and leaving you. I will bring you to the edge and enable to you step forward as you continue to follow me and engage with me, even in, and through, realms of confusion, paradox and complexity. For as we approach things from a different angle, with a different lens of interpretation and understanding, you will surely be not only encouraged, but also empowered in all I have set before you, and all I have placed and planted within you. (5)

(1) Ephesians 2:10
(2) John 12:24
(3) Galatians 2:20
(4) Proverbs 3:5-6
(5) Psalm 23:4

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