Building Our History Together

Neil Vermillion —  April 18, 2019 —  Comments

The time to come away with me is not for only a season. It is not only for the convenient times, for the times that make sense, or the times that can be scheduled. It is for now, and for the years to come, for the age to come, for the age yet to be fully revealed. Many of you desire to escape the routine and mundane activities in your life. Your choice is to remove them, rather than alter your perception of them. I am saying to you there are times when you can soar on heights together with me even in the midst of mundane and routine activities. (1)

This is a paradox to your natural mind, but it is my invitation to you. If you seek me, you will find me. I will not hide myself from you. I will not make it difficult, but rather will open the gates to realms of experience of my heart and spirit. You will come to know the paradox of fellowship with me, resulting in peace, satisfaction, and bliss, even in the occasions of boredom, routine, and monotony. For you are in me already, just as I am in you. (2)

Regardless where you find yourself located, regardless what you find yourself doing, we are connected together and nothing will ever separate us. Regardless where you are, you have access to fellowship with me and enter the gates I have opened for you. Through these gates you will encounter aspects of who, and what, I am that you presently have no paradigm to process. Even though you know me, you do not really know me – not even close. Even though you have clues and insights regarding my nature and who I am, there are volumes upon volumes you do not know. (3)

In this vastness of all I am, you will get lost in the joy and bliss of freedom as you experience my heart and spirit without limit or boundaries. Your responsibilities that so frequently weigh you down will feel light as a feather. Your worries that frequently steal your joy will seem small and irrelevant in the context of our fellowship. It is my desire for you to cast your burdens on to me, as you exchange them for my joy. (4)

You have the choice to cooperate or to hide, to share or withhold, to encounter or remain at a distant. In these moments, in these little ways, courage will be exercised as you walk by faith and overcome your inhibitions spawned from insecurities. As you Truth sheds light upon the lies you have believed about me over the years, you will awaken to a new perspective spawning confidence and security, as the perfect love experienced from the knowledge of me drives out all fear. As you continue to know me, and as our history together grows deeper and wider, you will also grow in freedom and security. You will be less fearful or apprehensive, even though you will do not fully understand me. (5)

You will never understand me fully, but as our history together builds and grows you will trust in my nature, in my character, in my plans, and in my heart for you. The things I desire to reveal to you and share with you are only, always good. Though they often seem to be surrounded by clouds of darkness and confusion, you will come to see Truth for what it is. The rewards and joys I have in store for you will set your heart completely free to grow in the knowledge and experience of love – both to give and receive – which is very healing and liberating. (6)

As much as you can contain, as much as you desire, I will continue to make available to you, the knowledge and experience of my great love. My spirit will motivate you as you are overtaken by the simplicity of the union we have together. Your heart will be content. The peace and joy you will reside within will function as a fuel to sustain you, even in very difficult and trying times. (7)

So continue to say yes to my spirit as I encourage you subtly and draw you closer to my side. My sweet voice will be soft, but will be clear as you learn what my voice sounds like. As you know me better, you will hear me better too. In my gentleness you will find it easy to surrender. You will find it easy to submit, and easy to follow for the joy I have put within you will overwhelm you. (8)

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