Your Burden Will Be Lifted

Neil Vermillion —  May 16, 2016 —  Comments

Continue to walk the direction I’ve set your destination towards. Continue to remain faithful with what you know you’ve been called to pursue and accomplish. There are more events, details, and experiences you will encounter and receive along the way, so though you may not possess all you want and need in this moment, trust all these things will be given you as you continue to walk your path.

Though you feel tired at times, as though you are making no progress, as though all your labor is in vain, continue to remain faithful, for I am with you. Though you do not always perceive my presence I am with you. Though you do not always understand the process in the moment, trust I am working all things out for your good.

Even though you desire to achieve it quickly, understand the duration of the path is also part of the training, part of the development, part of the necessary experience. So embrace where you are, though you may not enjoy every single aspect of it, for you are in the center of my will in this time. Trust I am with you, guiding you, encouraging you, and perfecting within you all the issues necessary.

For you have a desire for specific details. You have an interest and curiosity to see the map, and see the plan, and see the final outcome. But for now, continue to walk the journey without seeking shortcuts, trusting in my leadership, trusting in my process. And as you continue to walk with me you will come to know me more and more. And your desire for details will fade as your appetite for relationships increases. You will no longer seek your own path, but will desire to continue to walk the remainder together with me.

And in our closeness you will find and discover all your satisfaction. For in me, and with me, you will acquire and realize your full satisfaction, but apart from me there is no good thing. So as you accept this and trust in both my heart for you as well as my process for you, your burden will be lifted.

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