The Call And Satisfaction Of Generous Giving

Neil Vermillion —  January 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

Now that we have done the minimum, we have done the basics to cover the essentials of the day, let us go the extra mile together. Let us drink deeply and consistently from the cup of joy and carefree living. Let us throw away our concerns and worries as we enjoy playfulness in the environment of love, stability, safety, and security found in the fellowship of my presence. For these are the very things that will foster and spawn new life and new creativity. These are the elements your heart desires and desperately needs. (1)

Know as you continue to walk with me, not only will I prosper you, but I have called you to possess sufficient prosperity to be able to take meaningful action in order to be able to provide for others as well. And in this you will be great, for your generosity will be evident. Just as you have received much from me, so also you will give much to others. (2)

Understand this dynamic, for conventional wisdom suggests to get as much as you can, and to keep it, and enjoy it all for yourself. But I say to you, give as much as you possibly can, for in giving you will experience joy and satisfaction you will not be able to find elsewhere, nor be able to duplicate in another manner. (3)

Know I am pouring out my generosity upon you in order for you to be great, and in order for your to experience abundance, and to have so much. And with this experience I am also preparing your heart to be a tremendous giver – a giver in every way, not just with your finances, but also in the playfulness and joy you have, and will continue to experience in the fellowship of my presence.

So drink deeply and frequently, but know you will not be a pitcher merely containing the drink of my love. You will be a pitcher that also pours my drink and does so generously and frequently. Know this is my heart, to offend the greedy and stingy with my great wealth and generosity. It is my agenda to lavish the extreme riches upon all who desire to receive, and to inspire those who do not.

So enjoy this moment and continue to fellowship with me again and again, remembering as you give it will also be given back to you. And in your giving, as well as your receiving, you will experience such wonderful and great satisfaction you will not be able to contain it all. (4)

(1) Matthew 5:41, Matthew 6:25-34 (2) 2 Corinthians 9:10-12, Luke 12:48 (3) Luke 6:38, Acts 20:35 (4) Malachi 3:10

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