Call To Make Your Heart Ready

Neil Vermillion —  July 21, 2015 —  Comments

In these days before you now it is a time to rejoice, a time to acknowledge where you are, and where you’re going. Though the work ahead of you will be very real, with real challenges, real hardships, and real struggles, it will be a time of real reward too. These days will be so exciting for you, if you will decide to cooperate and engage with all I am doing.

As you see these events on the horizon, know I am working behind the scenes and causing many things to transpire. I am working to apply the necessary pressure to affect the change needed for this day and hour. As you see this applied pressure, you will have the choice to move forward in faith, or move backward in fear. So today I am speaking to you, revealing these things to you, confirming them to you, so your heart will be prepared for the pressure and the events yet to come.

For these days will look dark to those whose hearts are not ready. They will look terrible. They will look bleak and hopeless. But to those who have already prepared their hearts for these challenges and difficulties, to those who have made themselves ready and are listening, following closely, these days will not be dark or bleak at all. In fact, these days will be times of great reward, great fulfillment, great opportunity, and great advancement.

So today I’m encouraging you to prepare your hearts, and encouraging you to make the choice to respond in faith, moving forward. For your greatest delight, your greatest adventure, your greatest fulfillment will be just on the other side of your greatest, seemingly impossible, challenges.

These are my plans for you, my Loved Ones. So make yourself ready. Make your heart ready. Come and follow me, and we will accomplish all these things together, hand in hand, walking in my glory in the midst of great chaos.

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