Call To Remain Faithful And Diligent

Neil Vermillion —  August 21, 2015 —  Comments

The stress and struggle you are facing is all part of the process, all part of the path. So while it’s difficult, don’t think you’re on the wrong path, at the wrong time. For this process will bring you to places of confrontation, and you will be forced to face weakness, limits, hurts, even humiliation. But those things will happen, they will only be temporary, though your concept of temporary is very different than is mine. But understand, this is all part of the working and growing for what has been placed before you, and thought difficult, it is good.

So continue to move forward with the vision I’ve given you. Continue to do the best with what you have, working faithfully and diligently. For in this you will grow. And in this you will accomplish. And in this you will encounter and discover your limits and will be reminded of the glory of the plans I have in store.

For there will be much appreciation developed in your heart over time as you continue to work and labor. And with this great appreciation you will be in awe of my plans for you as you see them unfold in due season. This appreciation will enhance your joy and increase you fulfillment as you enter in to, and abide in, the fulness of my plans for you.

So as you continue to see yourself caught amidst the stress and struggle of your daily life, do not give up, do not lose hope. For I am with you in these things. But remember all these things are working for your good, as you will see over the course of time.

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