I Am Calling To The Very Deep Components Of Who You Are

Neil Vermillion —  May 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

Though my heart hurts to see your struggle and to experience the pain of your poor choices, even still I am alive with hope. I see the mistakes you make, and my heart aches and yearns to bring you away from your own demise. But even still I am so confident and still remain so hopeful. For I know who I am, and I know what I will do in you, and to you. I know as you encounter me in reality you will be left with no other choice. I know you will be left with no other option, but to give me your all. You will give me all your heart, all your love, all your zeal and passion. You will give me all your industry, all your creativity, all your bandwidth and resource. You will hold nothing back from me, but will lay it all down, gladly at my feet as you even see me from a distance.

For my beauty is so radiant and mesmerizing you will not know what to compare it to. My majesty is so great and so vast, you truly have no grid from which you will be able to process it. My love is so generous you cannot measure even one aspect of it, let alone the full measure and scope of it all. So as you encounter even these qualities I know you will be drawn to me.

And yet there is still more. For there are plains of reality ad experience you’ve not yet encountered. There are door ways to reality you thought were impossible and inaccessible. There are notions and repercussions so far removed, you would feel abstract and detached as you consumed them even superficially.

And these are the things I will, and have, made available to you. These are what will draw you to me time and time again. For you seek lesser pleasures, but they hold no substance. But I know you will see them for what they are, and will no longer continue to follow them, or be enticed by their shiny and superficial facade, but will instead accept the calling of the deeper unctions within you, as I call and awaken them within you.

So with this, I rest in confidence, knowing my plans for you will succeed, and will do so gloriously and splendidly. I do so knowing no one, and nothing could ever topple or thwart my plans or the outcome already set into motion.

I know all these things, not only because I have seen them, but because I have created them, establishing their outcome as I set them into motion myself.

So with this perspective, I am not worried, for I have answered the question before you asked. I am not worried, for I have supplied the remedy before the calamity. I am not worried, for I have given my very self to you, and no other thing, person, nor idea can compare to me, and all I am, or all I offer. And in this knowledge you seek to go further and deeper. And in this experience you seek to drink in a bigger realm, a larger, greater status to be achieved. But even this is a manifestation of how little you know, how little you understand, how little you have loved.

So as I speak to you again and again, know I am calling out to the very deep and personal components of who you are. I am calling to the secret and intimate essence of your DNA, the very matter you have been made with, the stuffs that comprise your entire makeup.

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