Calling You Out To More Prominent Influence

Neil Vermillion —  January 22, 2019 —  Comments
Know the small tug on your heart is my spirit calling you out. I am calling you to walk closer to me, and calling you to know me in a deeper, more personal way. As you feel your heart burning and hear my voice calling you ever so softly, know this is my spirit. Know I desire to call you closer to me, even closer than you already are. You were designed to experience intimacy and to be close to me. You were designed to know me in a very deep and personal way, just as I know you in a very deep and personal way.(1) I am not distant from you. In fact, I am very near to you, even right now. I am calling you to put away things of old, distractions, and diversions. If you open the door of your heart I will come in and we will meet together and grow in our experience of knowing each other deeply. In the days you are now entering you will need to know me more than you have in the past. The tasks and duties ahead of you will require a greater history together as things continue to move more quickly, more rapidly, and with more complexity. (2) The days of yesterday will not be the same as today. And likewise the days of today will not be like tomorrow. Tomorrow will hold new opportunities, requiring new approaches, interpretations, and mindsets. In many ways you will not be fully equipped for today by relying upon yesterday’s manna. You will need to have your bread daily, which will require a depth of knowing me, and growing together with me daily. (3) I am calling you out of your places of comfort, secrecy, and anonymity. I am calling to you begin to occupy positions of prominence and influence, in order to apprehend your place of destiny. There are many wild and crazy times set aside for you these days. Even though you have been gifted and given talents to equip you, still there is much training, practice, and preparation ahead of you to be able to reach your highest potential and truly command the authority in the realms I have in store for you. As you advance and mature into greater levels of influence and responsibility, know there is much work, training, and preparation in store for you as well. As you continue to know, trust, and learn of me, and walk by faith with me in all things your current vision will expand. The vision of yesterday will no longer suffice, for you will have outgrown it. But as you continue to mature your interpretation of the vision I have given you will continue to expand to your new understanding. I am taking the little things you have been faithful with and adding to them. I am building upon the foundations already laid in your life, heart, and mind, but I am also expanding what you have already been given. (4) Know in the midst of your challenges I am with you. Know as you have been faithful in the little things, more has be added. Know in the middle of your struggles and trials, you are being trained you for times of prominent influence still before you. These are hard lessons, many of which will be learned through sweat and tears. Though difficult, know they are not for nothing. All your struggle, stress, and trials are working on your behalf for a greater glory yet to be revealed. (5) (1) Psalm 42:7, Luke 24:32, James 4:8 (2) Revelation 3:20, Proverbs 4:25 (3) Matthew 6:11, Revelation 2:17 (4) 1 Corinthians 13:11, Luke 16:10 (5) 1 Peter 5:7, Romans 8:18, 1 Peter 4:12-19 Click here to share this #DailyPropheticWord with your friends on Twitter.