The Change And Redirection You Are Currently Experiencing

Neil Vermillion —  November 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

For fun I will challenge you from time to time. In these challenges you will rise to a new expression of your potential as you meet and encounter them. In these challenges you will discover things about yourself that have been hidden. In these challenges you will encounter me, but will also build, strengthen, and enhance your skills and talents. For you have a wide array of talents placed within you, and now they need to be uncovered and perfected (1).

Know in this day, the things you are encountering are not just to grow you, in terms of covering new ground, or acquiring something new, but also to enhance existing skill sets so you can be even more effective in what you have already been given, and what you already possess.

And with this perspective and understanding you will begin to see yourself as already equipped, and already suited for the tasks of the day. With this mindset and understanding you will also begin to spawn creative ideas for applications and combinations. You will not look to acquire new things, but will look to what you already have and will discover, imagine, and conceive new applications and new combinations according to what is revealed at hand (2).

This shift in your mindset will open wonderful realms of joy and opportunity for you. It will seem as though your gifts have multiplied one-hundred fold instantly as you see new applications, and new combinations to the things you already hold and know. Trust what I am doing with you in this moment, even though it seems cumbersome, awkward, and painful. I am removing certain items, even certain things you have relied upon as a source of strength, in order to break your dependency on these things so you will activate, engage, and develop other skills, gifts, and talents.

This is not a pruning, in removing away dead things, cutting dead branches from your life, but this is a redirection of your existing resources in order to balance you, in order to mature you, and in order to perfect you in a fuller spectrum rather than continuing to rely on your strengths and predispositions, even though they are good and right. Even though it may feel as though my hand is against you, understand I am growing you by redirecting you. This new direction will be uncomfortable for you only temporarily, for you will adapt and adjust, and as you do you will find you are well-equipped and well-suited for all of these changes and redirections you are currently experiencing (3).

(1) Philippians 2:13, Isaiah 45:3, Matthew 13:44 (2) Romans 8:37, Romans 4:17 (3) Acts 16:6-7, Proverbs 21:1

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