Changes Over The Course Of Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

You started with one direction in mind, but I have now altered your course. You saw one destination initially, but now you see another. You begin your journey thinking you would travel one way, one time, with one goal in mind, but along your course you have discovered so many things have changed and have been altered. But you have remained flexible. You have remained teachable. You have always followed my lead, even though you did not always understand the reason for the changes. So continue to follow my voice, for surely I have all things in mind. Surely I will guide you to all satisfaction, and even more, and will do so generously and wonderfully, again and again.

For when you started you saw one goal, and you did not perceive anything else. You saw one direction, one season, one vehicle, because you could not perceive anything else. You saw one thing, because this is what your capacity could accommodate. But as you have grown I have increased and expanded your capacity. As you have grown I have given you more insight and more understanding concerning your path and journey. I have given you more, and you have received it all in stride, adjusting as best you can.

So engage with me this moment, for I know where you are, and I know where you are going – even better than you know yourself. I know all these things, for I am the originator of them all. I am the one who has fashioned you, your talent, your destiny and have designed its final outcome. I am the one who has revealed myself to you, along with my glory, and have adopted you into my family.

So do not be worried, or confused, as you discover the path of life begins to change. Do not be worried, or confused, as you discover the goals and destinations for your life begin to change. Do not be worried, or confused, as you begin to see so many things, both big and small, begin to change over the course of your life. For I am with you in all these things, and even more. I am with you, and will remain with you, guiding you, helping you, and educating and preparing you day by day. For I still have so much more in store for you than you could ever imagine.

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