Changing Your Experience Of Your Present Reality

Neil Vermillion —  March 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

For you will defy what society defines as possible, healthy, and reasonable. You will erase the boundary lines that have held you back and hindered you, as you continue to discover the freedom you have already been given.

You will come to realize much of the battle you wrestle against, is a battle against yourself. You stress so hard, strive so hard, work so hard, yet the most important understanding and victory has already been not only accomplished, but already given to you fully and freely. While there is much understanding yet to be acquired, there is simultaneously much unlearning you will also need to acquire too.

In this process of unlearning, allow me to guide and govern your thoughts and allow me to speak to you in new and different ways – ways that will not always make sense to you, ways that will not always validate your prejudice, ways that will shake and question your preconceived notions regarding, not only who I am and what I will do, but other tightly held beliefs too. For I see your willingness to learn in your heart, and I see the desire deep within you to know and experience all I have for you. So allow me to shine the light of my revelation and understanding upon you so you can also walk in the wholeness I, and you, desire.

For in this wholeness you will thrive. You will grow and prosper. You will expand, imagine, and create. You will walk in wholeness and righteousness, and will abound in joy, peace, and satisfaction. So as I sit with you, allow yourself perception and understanding of your reality to be shaped, molded, and shifted according to the guidance and influence of my spirit, for as you do, so also will your experience of your present reality be changed, now and forever.

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