Clarity Of Understanding In Response To Specialized Revelation

Neil Vermillion —  June 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

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I am showing you areas of presumption within your own heart and mind. I know you meant to do the right thing, and in your heart believed you were, but I am illuminating misunderstanding and presumption within your heart and mind so you will walk in greater accuracy of your interpretation of what I have shown you, and come to fully realize the more excellent response to the inspiration I have given you. You heard my voice but did not discern it clearly. You recognized my voice but could not understand all I was saying, so now I will bring to your attention and awareness to what I have said already, but also to a better, more righteous, more excellent response to the call already given you. (1)

As a result you will see everything differently. You will see every single item within your own world from a different angle, with a different shade, with a different connotation and color. You will see things you did not see before, but you will also re-interpret what I have already shown you and given you. And with this new lens to process, you will have even more confidence as well as even more excellence. (2)

You will cooperate with me according to what I have always intended, rather than by cooperating with me according to what you were able to process and understand in the moment. So embrace this correction and adjustment, for some of it will be large and some of it will be small, but all of it will serve you and bless you.

Though small or large understand the adjustment I am presenting to you will liberate you from immature and ineffective paradigms, causing dissonance in your obedience and response to the will of my spirit. I will liberate you from superficial and ignorant presumptions that have allowed errors and inaccuracy to remain unchecked, opening doors for inconsistency and confusion along the way. With this adjustment you will resonate with me in greater harmony in the expression of our union together and the revelation of this point in time. You will become more sympathetic to the response of my heart and will continue to grow and advance according to the direction I have already pushed and pulled you towards.

So embrace this time of smashing idols and preconceived notions, though it will be frightening and unnerving to you at first. For these things are but dim and inadequate shadows compared to the truth of what I have in store for you. Do not allow these things to continue to hinder you nor hold you back from the true and lasting reality of the eternal glory of my great plans for you. For my spirit will guide you into all truth, and will reveal not only what is yet to come, but also how to respond in preparation for what is yet to come. (3)

You will have foreknowledge of events in the future, along with ideas, meanings, and concepts of greater understanding yet to come, but also you will be equipped with the accurate and righteous clarity of understanding what you need to do in response to this specialized revelation.

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:12
(2) 2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 12:2
(3) Hebrews 12:1, John 16:13

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