Closeness And Intimacy In Difficulties

Neil Vermillion —  May 26, 2016 —  Comments

Surely in this world you will have trouble. But do not allow yourself to be troubled, but trust in me, for I have already overcome the world and all these things. I know how quickly you grow tired. I Know how quickly you forget my promises. I know how easily your heart turns to fear. So I am standing beside you, lovingly reminding you of my will for your life, my plans for your life, my heart for you, and my never-ending, great love for you.

So do not be surprised as you encounter trials, disappointment, hurts, and heartaches, for these things are here, but they are but temporary. Do not be surprised, but instead anticipate the joy and the hope I have made available to you. For though weeping may endure for the night, your joy will come in the morning.

And when you feel as though you’ve lost your way, call out to me, reach out to me, and you will find I am already there by your side. You will find I have never left you, never forgotten about you, never overlooked who you are, or where you are going. As you reach for me in these dark and difficult times you will experience a closeness and intimacy that will bond your heart to me. So do not shy away from these times, but endure them and embrace them.

For as you encounter me in spite of difficulty you will truly be liberated from them as you learn to be content in every situation. For the joy, hope, peace, and security I offer you is greater than your circumstances. So as you fellowship with me, especially in difficulties, your heart will be liberated from the fickle joy experienced in pleasant circumstances.

So it is with this in mind you will be able to see the beauty and wisdom of my plans and my process in your life. It is in these hardships you will discover how you can dismantle immaturity as you are presented with a greater opportunity to more fully realize my grace and my love. And though painful at time, this process will liberate you to realize and manifest the fullest, greatest version of the potential I have placed within you. For I will enhance and increase what is needed, and trim and remove what is not.

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