Closer Than The Air You Breathe

Neil Vermillion —  June 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you let go of your stress and worries you will find your peace. Take care of business, do all you must, but do not obesess over that which you cannot control. Do not worry about the outcome of tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Enter into my rest. Enter in to my peace and do not be anxious over things, and allow them to weigh you down.

Walk with me as I speak to you and delight you. Engage with my mind, as I enlighten you from my own understanding and perspective. Engage your heart with mine, as I show you wonders above. Engage with me with all your strength, passion, and enthusiasm, for you will taste and see I am so good.

Walk with me in times of abundance. Walk with me in times of heartache and despair. Walk with me in times you are completely certain, but also walk with me, and engage with me in times when you are totally and completely confused.

Engage with my heart for in this world you will surely have troubles. But do not allow these light, temporary troubles to rob you of the joy set before you. Do not allow these small afflictions to distract you from pursuing the knowledge and experience of the mystery of the Hope of Glory, which is Christ in you.

Do not allow things of trivial importance eat away at your energy and hope, in exchange for of what is eternally important. Instead, take my yoke and drink from the fountain of my delight. For as you do, you will find I am altogether lovely and I am more than delightful for you. I am more than entertaining and mesmerizing, for no one compares with me. I am more than you have ever known, or ever will. I am more extreme and indefinable than your capacity to measure could ever ascertain or imply.

I am so far above and beyond you, you could never build a stairway high enough to reach me. I am so far beyond you, you would never figure your own way, or devise your own plan to discover me. And though it seems I am inaccessible to you, I am with you in all things. Though it seems I am impossible, I have revealed myself to you in a truly extravagant, intimate, and gratuitous manner. Even though it seems I am beyond your reach, I am closer than the air you breathe. I dwell among you, in the most intimate and subtle manner, even beyond what you can fully understand.

Trust that I am seeking you; trust I am revealing myself to you; trust I am supplying not only all the labor, but also the materials. In fact, I am furnishing them to you freely, at my own expense. Do not consider this as trivial, for it is miraculous in its full scope and implication. Do not consider this as inconsequential, for it is the most notable, far-reaching, life-changing concept and event to have ever taken place.

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