Come To Me As Your Last Resort

Neil Vermillion —  January 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

When you think it is too dark, too difficult to continue to hope, I will reveal my sight to you. I will show you my perspective, and my truth, when you need it the most. When you have no hope, and see no possibility to continue, I will open a door for you, and your answer and solution will be within your sight, within your reach, within your comprehension. For I have made a way for you already, even though you may not recognize it. I have smoothed the rough edges, straightened the crooked paths, and leveled the hills and bumps before you.

So when you have no answer, look to me, for I am your answer. When you have no plan, look to me, for I already have a plan and will reveal it all to you in intimate detail. When you have no strength, look to me for I am your strength. When you have nothing, look to me for I will be your everything. And the silly answers you seek will all begin to fade in their relevance and importance as you continue to seek me. For in seeking me you will not only find me, but will also be changed and transformed. And as you encounter me your priorities and values will also shift and change, for you will see me as I am.

And with this you will no longer continue to emphasize and value the trivial trinkets you esteem as prized possessions. You will no longer put stock and faith and trust in flimsy and ridiculous notions or mechanisms. For you will see me as I am, and your life will be changed. You will see me as I am, and will not consider your problems as worthwhile, but will begin to see them as irrelevant in comparison to the wonder and glory of who I am.

As you are transformed, you will begin to see your life as so incredibly beautiful and wonderful. All the little details that bring you pain, discomfort and irritation now, will be forgotten as you enjoy our fellowship together. You will see your world and your life through my eyes, and your joy will be more than staggering, more than incredible, more than enormous. You will be overwhelmed with what is available to you in this present moment and you will be embarrassed that you ever had any doubt or fear.

For in my presence, and in our fellowship together, there is no place for fear. There is no place for sadness. There is no place for anything but total satisfaction, peace, happiness, security, and acceptance. So do not consider your present sufferings and difficulties as permanent or insurmountable, for with me all things are possible. With me there are no limits, there are no impossibilities, no mountains too high to climb, no giants too big to defeat.

So come to me first, but also come to me as your last resort. When you do, you will find that I will not turn you away. I will not reject you, nor shame you. I will not punish you, or torment you, but will welcome you with my arms wide open, full of love and joy. And you will drink of the cup of my joy and will be satisfied. You will eat from the delicacies of my table, and will be filled. You will rest and recline, and together we will be so content, happy, and satisfied in every way, in every area of your life, even more than you can comprehend or imagine.

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