Come To Me And I Will Heal You

Neil Vermillion —  August 30, 2019 —  Comments

I see the humanity in which you are clothed, and I know the limits you face day after day. If you will come to me I will present you with what you need. If you will abandon all the ploys you invent in order to ignore your problems, I will help you. If you stop your busyness, forgetting your superstitions, charms, and idols I will guide you into all truth. If you stop all the habits you practice to numb your pain, I will come to you and I will heal you. (1)

I will restore you and pick you up in the areas in which you have experienced persistent failure. I am the God of new beginnings, and I will bring you to the places of your greatest hurts, and heal them. If you will embrace my courage we will face these giants together. Even though it will be painful and unpleasant at times, you will overcome them all. You do not have to continue to live in the hurt, shame, or fear from the failures of your past for I will heal you and liberate you from their effects. (2)

I am the God that restores, and I am the God that redeems all things. I am the God of new beginnings, even this day, so do not wait, nor procrastinate, but acknowledge and receive my words for you. I am inviting you to forget about the limits you have placed upon yourself. Forget about the timelines you have invented over the years. Forget all the benchmarks you have constructed, and the milestones you have erected. Forget all the things you have used to measure your failures. (3)

Forget them all and come to me, and I will heal you. I will heal you, and redeem the time lost. I will give you new hope and new vision for your future. I will give you what you need, and help remove what you do not. For now you see things darkly, and you see the limits from your past, but I can see past all these things. I can see past your hurts, fears, and failures.

So though it will be hard and uncomfortable, come to me. Come to me and I will heal you. I will offer my peace in exchange for your weariness. Even though you think you are strong, you are weak, and in your weakness and weariness I will restore you, my Beloved. My eyes see your struggles, the fragility of your frame, and my heart feels your pain. So do not delay, for in our time together you will be invigorated, your heart will be healed, and your memory will forget the traumas that haunt you to this day. Enter into my fellowship, ignoring the voices of torment and irritation surrounding you, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. (4)

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