My Comfort Is Greater Than Your Suffering

Neil Vermillion —  January 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am working with you in this present season, and though it seems the difficulty of the transition you are experiencing is painful, and unnecessary, know I have allotted for these things. Know all of this is working for your good, according to my plans for you in this moment, but also for the years yet to come. There are timelines active and developing in your life that will continue to emerge as they continue to develop. So be patient in this day, even though it is uncomfortable to you it is working a greater glory yet to be fully revealed. (1)

Walk in the assurance of the call upon your life, for knowing and recalling this will help assure you in the midst of sufferings and trials you are presently experiencing. Knowing it is not all for nothing will aid you in profound and significant ways. So remember the call upon your life when you are discouraged. Remember my love for you, and my great redemption, for this will also encourage you as you see the brevity of this life, and observe how it continues to advance so rapidly. (2)

Walk with me in the moments you feel you cannot bear, when you feel you cannot continue. Walk with me when you do not understand, when you are too tired to carry on. Walk with me when your heart is heavy and your cannot make sense of the hurt and pain you are experiencing. Walk with me as you embrace the reality of where you are, in spite of the disappointments you have also experienced.

As you walk with me, know I am not unable to sympathize with you. Know I am fully aware of every single thought you think, every single emotion you feel. Know I am closer than you can imagine or perceive. Know I am not only near you, but also love you terribly. All of these things are difficult in their impact, in how they affect and influence you. Even though they are difficult, know they are but temporary, even though they seem so great. My comfort for you is with you, and is greater than all of these things, even greater than you have presently experienced or known. (3)

(1) Romans 8:18 (2) Romans 8:30, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (3) Hebrews 4:14-16, Hebrews 4:13

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