Comparison Of Yourself To Others

Neil Vermillion —  June 28, 2019 —  Comments

There is a pitfall in comparing yourself to others. While comparison is natural and logical, it is not beneficial for you to compare yourself to others. I see the hearts, looking across the landscape and asking themselves “am I worthy?”, “am I where I should be”, “am I on the right path”, as they compare themselves to others. While the motive in the heart inspiring this behavior is not always wrong or wicked, it is not my will for you. (1)

Surely I desire to confirm all my plans for you. I desire to lead you as a loving father, and as a careful shepherd, for I know you so well. I have known you since before the beginning, and all the way through until after the very end. I am the good shepherd who would lays down his life for his flock, who knows you, loves you, and wants the very best for you in every area of your life. (2)

So look to me to guide you, to help you decide if you are in the place you belong. Look to me to affirm your identity and your worth. Look to me to determine if you are on the right path or not. My guidance to you in these matters will far surpass the superficial insights you may receive by comparing yourself to others. My guidance will have your past, present, and future in mind, the path I have laid out for you since the beginning. (3)

I am inviting you to allow me to speak directly into your life. Allow me to be your source of identity. Allow me to be your guide. Allow me to be the one you look to when making decisions. Comparing yourself to others will take you only as far as they have come, for it will never be able to take you any further. However, many times I will have an entirely different path intended for you than those you are comparing yourself against.

My plans for you will not look like the plans I have for others. So in your comparison of yourself to others you will likely miss the very thing I have in store for you. You will develop an incorrect interpretation of the very things that would make you and your situation unique.

So today I want to encourage you, not to compare yourself with others, what they do, where they are, their life, talents, or accomplishments, for you are unique. You are different than everyone else, and thus possess differences you would not be able to fully appreciate in a side by side comparison. Instead of comparing yourself to others, look to me. Inquire of me, and I will guide you and affirm you in all these things. (4)

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