Comprehending My Ways

Neil Vermillion —  July 25, 2016 —  Comments

As I continue to speak to you day after day I will also continue to guide you and inspire you along the way. For though you hold on to the original essence and hope, your heart grows tired as you continue to travel and progress. Though you have a basic understanding, still there is more to be learned, more to experience, and more to understand. So allow me to continue to expand what you’ve already been given. Allow me to illuminate details of the past that were present but you did not perceive or recognize. Allow me to comfort you with the knowledge and understanding of my will and my plans for you, your life, and your future.

You carry heavy burdens on your own. You desire good things, but work so hard to force them to come about. You want to know, but you strive so hard to create your own experience and your own knowledge. Allow me to give you what you lack. Allow me to speak to you and show you the easy path, the light yoke, for I will give you understanding you could never obtain on your own. I will give you rest in place of your strife, joy in place of your confusion, and confidence in place of your apprehension.

Allow me to continue to comfort you with the surety and stability of understanding my ways. I will reveal my plans, and the manner in which I will execute and follow them. I will show you both the big picture as well as the littlest of details. I will show you what you need to know, where to put your attention and focus, and how to recognize the movement of my hand in your circumstances every day. And though you fear what you do not know, understand I will show you these things, and you will grow to understand them, no longer possessing fear, but excitement with anticipation of their manifestation and development.

For what I will show you will confuse you at first. At first glance you will not recognize my ways, but this is because you do not know them just yet. As you continue to allow me to affirm, and reveal my ways to your mind you will also begin to recognize my movement in your circumstances and environment. I will pull back the curtain and allow you to see and understand the inner workings of what is happening. I will grant you understanding to discern and see how I am moving and working. And with this understanding your heart will be comforted and you will be confident, knowing and trusting my ways will surely bring about the desired results according to my plans for you.

But remember, my ways are not your ways. And as I continue to show you my will, understand you will not initially comprehend my ways. But as you continue to walk with me, hand in hand, you will come to know not only my ways, by my heart and spirit too. So do not allow your initial, momentary confusion to distract you. Do not allow yourself to be confused because you are premature in your assessment, but sit with me and allow me to reveal all these good things to you. As you do you will taste, and see, and know all the good things I have in store for you, as well as the ways in which I will bring them about for you too.

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