Comprehension And Understanding Of Fluid Plans And Timelines

Neil Vermillion —  October 8, 2015 —  Comments

There are many complications, coinciding together with others. There are many items, many parts, many movements, many storms, and much confusion already set in motion that needs my loving touch to manage and keep things synchronized together. There is an orchestrated cooperation needed, and as you grow in your discernment you will see and understand this more and more deeply, more and more frequently.

For the complications of my plans would overwhelm you if you saw it all. So I will show you pieces. I will show you glimpses. I will show you snippets and excerpts to allow you to be inspired and comforted, rather than confused and overwhelmed with it all.

For the vastness of my plans is beyond measure. The vastness I have in store is beyond your ability to comprehend or quantify. The many layers to the many events are infinitesimal, yet significant, important, necessary, and relevant. And as you continue to gaze upon me, look to me, understand and behold me and my presence, you will begin to grasp all these things, and even more. For my incredible detail will amaze and delight you. You will marvel at its beauty. You will marvel at its glory. You will marvel at, not only the detail, but the completion and comprehensive accomplishment that is orchestrated and manifested simultaneously.

So understand, today I am bringing clarity to you. I am bringing understanding, new insight, and greater attention to details of the past that will give way to greater understanding of that which is yet to come. All these sequential events will be aligned, prepared, executed, and implemented at their appointed time.

And I will help you along the way. I will allow you to move, and to execute tasks and steps in excellence, not wasting time, not floundering around. You will be given sufficient insight and understanding to be able to follow with great precision, great effectiveness, great advancement as you continue to implement what I show you. You will surely do well, and I will assist you in your cooperation as you continue follow me again and again, day after day, time after time, even failure after failure. I will surely help you along the way, just as I always have.

I will allow you to be able to discard previous notions as I reveal present meaning, present application, and open the doors for future adaptation. You will be able to see, drink, grasp, synthesize, and comprehend the fluidity of my plans and my timetable. I will give you my water and you will drink it in. And as you do, you will see, and understand time differently.

I will show you insights into my fluid plans that shift according to circumstances and days and seasons, yet still remain on course, able to accomplish the end goals that has never changed. I will show you how plans are moving with the end in mind, and you will begin to perceive the slippery slopes of the mountains and hills set before you that need to be accomplished.

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