The Confidence Of My Great Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 10, 2016 —  Comments

As you rely on me you will find I am truly reliable. In your mind you hear these words, but in your heart you do not always believe them. I see your heart and I see your mind. I know what you think and I know how you feel. Not only do I know all these things, but I know why you think and feel that way too. So today I am reminding you of things you already know and inviting you to go even further with them.

Remember your first love and how wonderful it all was in the beginning. Remember the way you used to think when your love was new. Remember the way you used to feel when the fire of your love was hot. Remember these things and embrace them once again today, for my mercies are made new for you every day. There is no reason for you to dwell in shame, disappointment, hurt, or sorrow, for I have made a way for your joy, peace, happiness, and satisfaction already.

In your first love, you will once again experience my truth and my strength. You will once again experience my faithfulness and reliability. And as you experience me this way, your heart will begin to believe once again. Your mind knows this to be true, but your heart sometimes forgets. So allow yourself to know me and experience me in my strength and reliability. And as you do, you will grow in the confidence of my great love for you, and you will remember I am trustworthy, I am strong, and I am fierce.

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