The Confidence Of The Truth That Has Been Revealed

Neil Vermillion —  April 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know in many ways the most difficult task is to get started. I know the most difficult times can be to simply start at the beginning. But as you receive my inspiration and my vision for your life you will no longer search for motivation. You will no longer worry about how to get started, but will be fueled and moved by the wind of my spirit. For I will speak and I will inspire. I will encourage you, and the disillusionment of yesterday will haunt you no more. I will speak to your mountains today, and you will begin to see them fade away. I will speak to your present situations, and you will see them come into alignment of my will for you.

You will see with your natural eyes, but your spiritual eyes will also be open. And from them both you will hear and receive what I am saying to you. You will discern between my will and your own. You will discern between my desires and your desires. You will discern between things of lesser value, and things of higher value. And in this way your understanding and perception of the world and your life will begin, and continue to change.

You will no longer continue to search for a single point, and single destination, as if there is a point of completion. But you will gradually begin to see this world, and your life, more and more as a continuum, moving from one stage to the next, from one season to the next, from one chapter to the next, each with its own value, significance, and contribution. And while this paradigm will startle and alarm you initially, it will ultimately liberate you as you begin to see your growth, progress, and development more closely to the way I see it. You will begin to see and perceive time more closely to the way I see and understand it, and this will liberate you in no small way.

For your hope and approach to your life will shift. You receptivity and thoughtfulness will shift. Your comprehension and interpretation of failure will shift. And in this way, you will walk with greater stability, momentum, and maturity. For your expectations will also shift, and you will no longer attach importance and value to unimportant and irrelevant things.

Instead you will begin to love what I love. You will value what I value. You will respect what I respect. And in this way you will harmonize with the sentiments and concerns and issues of my heart in a greater capacity and degree than you thought would be possible.

And while this is a mystery, you will embrace and adopt this will ease. For I will reveal it to you and make it known and accessible to you. I will bring it not only to your very door, but into your very heart and mind, and will do so gently and easily on your behalf, just as I already have, just as I always have and always will.

And in this experience and expression you will grow in, not only understanding me, but trusting me too. For as you see the world, and yourself, more closely the way I see them, your heart will no longer entertain childish notions of fears and calamities, but will enjoy the confidence and optimism of the truth as it is, and has been, revealed.

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