Consider The Mountains In Your Path

Neil Vermillion —  February 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have set you in motion, complete with the obstacles and challenges included, in order for you to realize your full satisfaction. I have set your foot on this path, at this time, in order for you to traverse the grounds before you, to travel the territory, and to viscerally know and experience every single detail of the process I have for you. For you see your mountains as obstacles, as objects to overcome, resent, and despise. But I say to you, these mountains have been given to enhance your pleasure. These things you encounter in your path will not only strengthen, instruct, and equip you, but they will also multiply your appreciation and satisfaction as you graduate into the maturity of your call.

And with this mindset and perspective you will begin to see your mountains with supreme joy and eager anticipation, not only of the rewards and results they will bear, but also as pleasure centers improving and enhancing your experience, even this very day!

So consider your present situation, and consider the mountains in your path. Consider not only the direction in which you must travel, but also consider the pain and difficulty required to overcome these mountains. And now consider these mountains from my perspective, as pleasure centers, pleasure enhancers. See your mountains as towers that will expand and increase your joy and satisfaction. For I have given you these things, not to decrease your satisfaction, as you incorrectly presume, but to bring it to its fullness – even more than you thought possible.

Do not allow temporary setbacks and minor confusion to divert your understanding and interpretation of your present position today. Do not distort the reality of what I have shown you, merely because your thoughts and interpretations are backwards compared to my thoughts. Do not settle for less than the best, when I have gone to great detail and great trouble to include these wonderful enhancers of pleasure you previously referred to as mountains.

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