I Am Continually Revealing My Great Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  May 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

And today I am speaking to you clearly, even though you do not always like what I say to you, show to you, or reveal to you. I draw your attention to issues and concerns of your heart, but you turn away. I emphasize problems and hurts, but you divert your attention to something more pleasing and appealing to you in the moment. You inquire of answers from me, but when I show them to you, you ignore, suppress, and reject them, for they do not look like you want them to look.

But even still I have taken time to sit with you and supply you with the answers, for I am incredibly patient. Even still, I am aware of your hurt and your great need, and I am kind and gentle with you. And though you disregard my answers and my guidance many times, still I am relentless in my great love for you. I am persistent in loving you, serving you, guiding you, and protecting you, even though you ignore my unctions and inspirations many times.

For I love you not because of your behavior towards me, but because of who I am. I love you because you were created to be the object and recipient of my great love and affection. You have no idea just how lovely and fetching you are to me, My Beloved. You have no clue just how much I adore you. You have no comprehension just how much you mean to me, and how your presence and existence touches my heart.

Know when I speak to you, I am revealing my great love for you. Know when I guide you to new directions, I am affirming and demonstrating my great love for you. Know when I slow you down, and it seems as though you have been denied or delayed, I am doing so because I am responding to you from the inspiration of my great love for you. For every single thing I do is from my great love for you.

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