As You Continue To Know Me Face To Face Your Heart Will Grow In Confidence

Neil Vermillion —  January 11, 2019 —  Comments

Many of you are feeling as though you are in great expectancy and anticipation of the days just ahead of you. Your near future is virtually pregnant with the plans I have laid out for you. But know this is good; know the timing is also good; know this present season is also good for you. The time has come to release and activate certain people into certain realms. The time has come to walk in the plans they have been preparing for. It is time to possess their promises, walk in their divine calling, and position themselves for expanse as they pursue their destiny. (1)

As you continue to walk along the path I have marked out for you, an appreciation of your past will rise within you. You will grow in confidence of your future. Your future will shine brightly as you reflect on your past and see my work over the years faithfully and consistently. Your future will shine before your eyes. The vision within your heart will cause you to interpret the times of preparation and waiting as brief. Your heart will be fully alive in hope, not waiting in disappointment. Your heart will be alive with eager anticipation of the great day and great future before you. (2)

Through all of this I will continue to reveal myself to you by my spirit. I will not only reveal your future, but I will also reveal my very nature to you as well. As you continue to know me face to face, your heart will grow in confidence, for surely the reason you doubt and fear is because you do not know me fully. Over time, as you continue to get to know me, you will see the wisdom of trusting in me, for I am unwavering and unchanging. I am reliable, consistent, and faithful. I am trustworthy, perfect, and righteous in all my ways. As you continue to know me like this, you will see the wisdom of trusting in me and trusting in my ways, and as you continue to trust in my timing. (3)

As your knowledge and experience of me continues to grow, so will your confidence of my plans for your future also continue to grow. The God who loves you will never leave you, but will also guide you to the still waters, allowing you to rest and enjoy the fullness of the greatness and satisfaction I have for you. (4)

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