Continue To Receive My Great Love

Neil Vermillion —  August 18, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to allow me to guide you in the events and details of your life I will surely supply you with all that you lack. I will see you come to the edge of your limits and will meet you there. I will supply your calm. I will supply your peace. I will supply you with all that is needed, for it is my good pleasure to do so again and again.

As you ask me, I will give to you. As you seek me, I will reveal to you. As you follow me, I will continue to show myself to you and you will know me like you’ve not thought possible. For I will not hide myself from those who seek me. I will not remain hidden to those who look, and search, and hunt to find me with all their heart. These are the ones who will discover my inner most desires and will do so repeatedly, liberally, and consistently.

When you feel weak I will grant you perspective that will supply you with strength. When you are confused I will grant you understanding that will supply you with clarity. When you want to give up, I will grant you my hope which will sustain you and empower you to continue. And all these things, and even more, will be given you time and time again, just as they have already been given you.

You will find that I will not disappoint. You will find that my truth is so very sweet. You will taste my goodness and know it from all others. You will embrace the glorious riches I have revealed to you, as you continue to receive my great love day after day.

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