Correction Spawned From My Great Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 13, 2019 —  Comments

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Know as I continue to correct you in this season, I will do so very tenderly. I will not be harsh with you. I will be patient and kind and very tender with you in our dealings together. There is no need to run from me. There is no need to run from my correction or fear what is yet to come. All these things will be done gradually and gently, though it may not always feel this way in the moment you are experiencing it. When you look back, after time has passed, you will see the tenderness and gentleness of my timing. You will see the ways in which I brought about correction for you, and did so very gently, very gradually. (1)

Though you have known correction in the past to be painful, it is my goal to correct you as painlessly as possible, though you will still experience real pain and real discomfort through it all. But do not fear the pain, for it will not kill you. Do not fear the discomfort, for it will not last. The pain and discomfort will be only temporary, whereas the correction I am bringing about for you will remain. As you surrender and submit to me and to my process, the changes brought forth will surely endure and all the pain you temporarily experienced will bear good fruit. (2)

Do not fear times of correction, for I will not be harsh with you. I will be very patient, very gentle, and very tender with you, even with very big and difficult issues. I will remain tender towards you, My Dear One. In this time of correction you will more thoroughly experience my kindness. You will experience the side of me that desires for you to have maximum benefit and maximum joy. My kindness will go before you and you will begin to discern the love with which I am instructing you. Through all of this you will experience my kindness. (3)

Surely it would be unkind to not bring about correction. Surely it would be unkind to allow you to continue in error, to continue hurting, to keep you in pain causing you to miss out. Remember all of this correction is motivated by my pure love for you, because I love you and desire the very best for you. While this correction will not always be convenient, and at times it will cause delays and cause you to question my plans within your own heart, do not think I am against you. Do not fall into the trap that says I am working against you, for this is not true. I am not correcting you to punish you. I am correcting you for your benefit, because I love you so much.

Know and trust all these corrections are for your good, helping you with all I have in store for you. While some of these corrections will not only be difficult, some will look impossible. But trust I have already supplied you with my grace to receive the correction as well as implement the necessary steps as well. I do not desire only to give you revelation and then abandon you. I do not want to leave you all alone left to figure things out by yourself. Instead I will give you the revelation you need, but also give you the grace to follow through in the day by day activities of obedience and implementation, so you will be able to finish strong and receive your full reward. (4)

I will not give you only the insight, but will also give you my grace to make good on the actions required of you. My grace will be with you, going before you, surrounding you, helping you every step of the way as you continue to look to me and call out to me in your times of need. Even as some of these corrections may be very uncomfortable to you, I will be with you to receive them. I will help you every step of the way in all things. Through it all we will grow closer and closer together, and you will reminisce with love in your heart as you have seen me work your development and success because I love you, for my love for you is great.

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