My Courage To Empower And Liberate You

Neil Vermillion —  August 11, 2016 —  Comments

In this day and time I have already granted you discernment, wisdom, strength. And today I am also granting you the courage you will also need. For identifying the problem is only part. Knowing the solution to the problem is only part. Having the strength to begin to implement the needed changes is only part, for you will also need to the courage to face what is unknown, to face what looks bizarre, and to confront all those things you want to avoid.

For in the past you have hidden things from yourself. You have avoided difficulties and pains, even in the difficult, but necessary, lessons needed. As you exercise the strength given you in making necessary changes I will grant you the courage to face your fears, to face your limits, to face your enemies and obstacles. And though it will feel like death to you at times, my courage will surround you. My courage will sustain you and keep you strong. My courage will give you the perspective and confirmation you will need so you do not stop prematurely.

And as you get even a small taste of my courage you will perceive your problems as being so much smaller than you previously perceived them. As you continue to move in the direction of the guidance of my spirit you will become accustomed to it more and more. And exercising this courage will liberate your heart to feel, and dream, and conceive new ideas, for as you perceive your problems as being so much smaller, so much more possible to overcome, you will simultaneously see new potential and new possibilities you did see or recognize in the past. Your heart will become alive with hope and optimism, as you realize you are no longer bound by limiting mindsets or hindering habits, but have been made free to endeavor and advance.

And in this way my courage will empower you as it liberates you. My courage will be the fuel enabling to you to follow through in implementing necessary changes. So allow yourself to abide together with me in the fullness of all I have for you. And as you do, hope will surround your heart and possibilities will flood your mind. For your heart and mind will be free and able to dream, think, and conceive one idea after another, as you embody and enjoy the liberation and deliverance from the bondages caused by the limiting mindsets and hindering habits of your past.

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