Courage To Ask And Receive

Neil Vermillion —  January 27, 2016 —  Comments

And in this day and season of expanse do not be bashful, hesitant, or ashamed to ask of me, for I will surely give you the provision you need. For in this world you will experience hardships, limits, and obstacles, but as you seek me, and walk the path I’ve set before you, you will also experience victory, growth, and expanse in your life as well.

And it will require courage as you ask. For as you receive revelation, understanding, and perspective from me you will begin to see your present and future circumstances differently than you have in the past. And this different perspective will cause you to abandon previous notions of how things should be and how your future should look.

So as you ask, and receive greater understanding, you will have to exercise courage to be able to truly receive it and comprehend it all. For what I will show you will look different than your mind has previously conceived. And though it will delight you and excite you, all I have in store for you will also challenge you.

It will challenge you to discard the very things you have been holding to so very dearly. For I will expose and confront all these things in your life so you will experience a life of true and total freedom. I will show you truth and you will see it, but you will also have to choose to walk the course marked out for you.

And as you do, as you choose the path of courage and total freedom, you will grow past your limits. You will grow in ways you had not imagined you ever would. You will do things you had not imagined you would ever be able to do. You will travel to places you would not have thought possible. You will form relationships and experience many blessings you would not have thought were possible for you.

So let me encourage you, My Dearest Beloved, to continue to walk the path I’ve set before you. For I will surely bring you to that table, full of all my great delights. And your cup with overflow and you will dine and will be satisfied – more satisfied than you ever thought possible.

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