The Craftsmanship Of Every Little Detail Of Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  March 9, 2018 —  Comments

You have presumed to know and understand what I have said in your past, and what I have given you for this day. You have presumed to know and understand where you are in the grand scheme of things, and also where you are heading. You have presumed to discern and synthesize things that have not yet been given you, and have not been activated within you. How could you know such things? How could you understand what has not yet been given, what has not yet been revealed?

Let me assure you, as I speak to you in this moment, I will confirm to you the call upon your life, but also the great mystery set before you. For what is unknown to you is so much greater than what is known. What has yet to be revealed is so much greater in terms of quality and quantity, than you have any idea or grid to measure. Your capacity to comprehend and compare is small and inadequate in the context of all I have set into motion in your life. (1)

But do not allow your limits to spark fear or doubt within you. Do not allow your limits to frighten you, for your capacities and abilities were never intended to be your saving grace. Your limitations do not disqualify you in any way, for your own abilities were never the criteria for your qualification in the first place. With this understanding do not be afraid to grasp and acknowledge your own limits, for in doing so you will find not only truth, but also comfort from my heart and liberation from the weight of carrying impossible burdens.

You will have a greater understanding and appreciation of your dependency on me, and will find freedom from burdens you are not able to carry. In this realization you will not discover you have somehow become unqualified, but rather you will come to know you never were qualified based on your own efforts. So do not run away from the stark contrast of this reality, but embrace it. In its acknowledgement and realization you will find not only food for your hungry soul, but also power and confidence to endeavor forward. (2)

As you realize I am with you in all things, and as you realize I am guiding you according to my plans for your life, and the purposes I have already established and set into motion, you will rest in the assurance of your contribution, collaboration, and involvement in the grand scheme of it all. You will not invest your hopes and confidence in the things that can, and eventually will, disappoint you, but will invest in me, in who I am, in my will and plan for your life, and the revelation of the call upon your life. (3)

For I made all things from nothing. I established order from the chaos. I engineered the littlest of details of all creation, even that which you have yet to discover, with amazing craftsmanship and detail. And just as I have done this for the universe, so also have I done for you, for your life in every little detail. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:12
(2) 1 Peter 5:7
(3) Philippians 4:13
(4) John 1:3, Colossians 1:16-17

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