Curiosity Provoking You To Deeper Waters

Neil Vermillion —  March 1, 2019 —  Comments

There is so much beauty I desire to reveal to you. There are mysteries and beauty you have not yet seen, and not yet known, and it is my desire to make these things known to you for my beauty is beyond your comprehension. Even at a distance you will marvel at small glimpses of my beauty. In this world there are symbols and shadows, but these cannot represent the reality with full justice to all that I am. Just as the sun is a burning marvelous fire, a source of heat, light, and life to your planet, I am all these things to you, and even more. (1)

There are many wondrous and glorious things I will unfold before you in the days ahead. Though these are mysteries to you now, they will not frighten you. They will perplex you, and will astonish and amaze you. They will provoke you to come to know me more personally, to seek after me more thoroughly, and to forget about lesser goals, idols that sit before your eyes right now. (2)

You have not seen me in my glory. You have not understood all I am and all I have to offer. Even though you think you know me, you do not know me. As you see me from a distance, and know me from a distance, things will continue to unfold before you and you will continue to be amazed and delighted as they do. While you see through a glass darkly, the day is soon coming where you will see with the eyes of your heart and you will begin to quake and shake and wonder. (3)

You will ask yourself, “who is this?” and “from where is this coming”, for though you know me in some ways, you know me not in other ways. I will defy your limited views of who I am, what I can do, and what I will not do. It is my plan to destroy limiting paradigms of who I am as I display my goodness for all men to see.

As some of you know, there are those among you who claim to have ownership of who I am, what I will do, and what I will not do. A time is coming in which I will deal with them, but for now know I am bigger than their claims. I am bigger than your plans. I am bigger than your ideas. I am bigger than your dreams. I am bigger than anything you have ever encountered, or ever will encounter. (4)

My heart burns with passion, for I am the all-consuming fire, burning all that stands in the way of pure love. My love for you is pure, untainted, and unapologetic, and this fire burning for you will not settle for second place. I will not be content with only partial inheritance for my son. I will insist on the full promise, the full reward, the full inheritance for his sacrifice. (5)

Just as my heart burns for him, so it also burns for you in all things. While this is confusing and confounding to your minds, within your heart it will resonate and ring true. Even though your mind will want to explain this away, and diminish its full impact by reducing it to something small and understandable, your heart will simply accept it and receive it for all it is. I am pouring out my spirit and revealing my beauty to all people – to all who would seek me with all their might. I am calling you out of your lesser desires to follow, seek, and serve me the rest of your days. I am pulling you closely to my side, removing the lies, misunderstanding, and deceptions you are holding on to right now. (6)

It is my heart’s desire to restore and preserve your first love. It is my desire to set the fire ablaze again, burning hotter and brighter than before. While this will sound uncomfortable, know this is the very thing you have been made for, and the very thing you desire deep within you. You have been made for deep, intimate relationship with me, the very thing I am calling you to. I am calling you to put away your toys and put away your idols as you come to know me face to face. (7)

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