Days of Grand Multiplication

Neil Vermillion —  February 14, 2017 —  Comments

As you walk with me, in your times of need you will also experience my great and generous provision. You will begin to see my hand at work in your circumstances and will experience and witness the prolific multiplication in store for you. You have seen it in others, and you have heard the tales and exploits, but you will also begin to witness and experience it firsthand for yourself, as you remain faithful in our journey together.

For you look to your own strength, and measure success and possibility against it. You look to your own knowledge and your own hands, and judge whether or not you have heard correctly, or if I have even spoken to you at all. You look to your own skills, and resources, and compare them against others, as if someone else could, or would, perform your role in the same manner as you. Your heart is filled with so much presumption, and so much unbelief. Your mind is clouded with excuses and explanations why things could not work. But rest assured, I am greater than all these.

My capacity to lead you and your life is far greater than your doubt. My capacity to govern your thoughts and circumstances is far greater than your unbelieving mindset. My leadership in the inspiration of your heart is superior to your own ability to choose the outcome of the thoughts that dictate your emotions. And in all these ways, and even more, I am more than capable of overcoming your inadequacies, just as I already have.

So do not wrestle against me in your mind, resisting what I have shown you and given to you already. Do not continue to put your faith in your own abilities, but put your trust in me. For you will surely see it come to pass, the days of great exploits, the days of grand multiplication, the days your heart has longed to witness for so long. Surely I will show you what is it like to multiply the fishes and the loaves, and have more than you can contain, more than enough to share with all those around you, with much left over.

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