The Days Of Your Greatest Victory

Neil Vermillion —  August 8, 2017 —  Comments

As you sit with me, hear my voice, receive my words, and obey what I show you, rest assured I will take care of you. As you continue to take care of the business I set before you, I will surely take care of business for you. For I am not a man that I would ever lie, and as I say a thing I also proclaim it, and bring it into existence. In the same way, as I send you forth to move in a direction in pursuit of something, know I will make allowances – even provision and accommodations – in order for you to be able to do so.

Know I am with you always. Know I am speaking to you always. Know I have given you understanding and insights, but also know there are realms beyond your full comprehension as well. As you continue to walk with me, sit with me, listen to me, and engage with me, these realms will become more and more apparent in your everyday life. And in this you will find we are not as distant as you previously thought. You will find I am not uninvolved in your life. You will find I have already taken care of everything, even the things that seem to be in a terrible mess, full of destruction, confusion, and chaos.

For even these things, though grand in their initial perception and manifestation, are but small in comparison to the greater glory and full expression of what I have placed within you, and what awaits for you. So do not lose heart, as if all you see and know this very moment is the fullness of all that lies in store for you. Do not lose heart as if you possess the full understanding of the plans laid before you, and already set into motion. Do not lose heart as if your understanding is even a requirement for any of these things to happen whatsoever.

But instead rejoice! Rejoice that you do not know all things, but that you know The One who does. Rejoice that you know The One who commands the full power of redemption of all things. Rejoice that you have been joined together in a permanent manner, with noting in all creation ever being able to separate you. Rejoice you have been given promises that will surely come to pass. Rejoice you have been made co-heirs with Christ, and already seated with him in the heavenly realms.

Look to what is before you, and acknowledge it, but do not look to it as final, for the days of restoration and redemption have not fully manifest. The days of your greatest victory, satisfaction, breakthrough and advancement are right before you this very day, even this very hour!

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