Days of Destiny Beginning To Break Out

Neil Vermillion —  April 15, 2019 —  Comments

As you see, hear, and feel my spirit moving upon you to take new actions, know this is my doing for this time and season. I am launching you out, activating, motivating, and equipping you, setting your feet at the starting line, ready to run, ready to finish strong. I want you to be experienced. I want you to be skilled, able, and capable to use the gifts for the calls I have placed upon and within you. So I will prepare you. (1)

You will gain experience by doing work and by doing all it takes to put in the necessary hours. Sometimes this practice will be difficult, and other times your practice will be not-so-difficult. Sometimes it will make sense, and other times it will not make any sense at all. (2)

Though I have given you the raw talent in specific areas of your life and domain, there is much work ahead of you in order to improve, refine, and perfect your skills. Remember, these are the days of your giftings breaking forth, and your destiny birthing from within, even before your eyes. (3)

Some of you will discover new things about yourself. It will be a time of discovery, breaking new ground, taking up new habits, and casting old habits to the side. I am stirring up your destiny within you, and for many these things are completely buried, dormant, or asleep. This process of awakening will be as though an entirely new side of yourself comes alive, charged up and ready for use. (4)

I am inspiring new vision, plans, and ideas before you. I am calling you to embark on new journeys, acquire additional skills, forge new relationships, and foster new expanse. This is the day of breaking open new things that have been dormant within you for so long. It is a day of a little chick hatching from its shell, breaking forth to its new life, ready to meet the world, and getting started with it all. (5)

I am with you in every step of this path, and absolutely nothing is taking me by surprise. I have seen it all finished; I have mapped out all the details; I have timed everything according to my schedule. The twists and turns will not stop nor delay my plans from coming about at the prescribed time. I am giving you my vision. I am giving you my inspiration. I am giving you my strength and my grace to try new things, and to launch forward with boldness as you take risks in your adventure of your destiny breaking out. (6)

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